Dear Charlotte,

I have tried everything to clean the film from my shower doors, tile and grout. I never seem to be able to get them to look new again. I was given your cleaning products as a gift from a friend. So the other night at around 9 p.m. I decided to try your Shower Magic and Gentle Scrub.

Wow! It was a miracle the way Shower Magic melts soap scum away. The Gentle Scrub Cleaned all the water marks off of the fixtures. I was simply amazed at the difference your product made on my tile and grout! My shower doors look great. I was able to restore the tile and grout back to new. I called my friend and thanked her for your product. After that I decided to e-mail you and thank you too. I’ll let you know how my counters turn out.

San Diego

Dear Charlotte,

A few months ago I told my family that they were no longer allowed to use bar soap in the showers, as I could never get the fiberglass clean. My husband was not happy about it at all. Then I called you. I just want to thank you for showing me how to clean my bathrooms back to showroom quality using Charlotte’s Shower Magic and Gentle Scrub. The Shower Magic removed all of the soap scum and hard water deposits from our fiberglass tubs, showers, sinks, bathroom and kitchen fixtures. My bathrooms have never looked so clean. Everything sparkles. I told the rest of my family about your products and can’t wait to give them each a bottle as a gift. Enclosed is a check for 4 more bottles.

Thank you for making cleaning easy and effortless.

I went out and bought my husband his favorite soap.

Meridith Horner
(Your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant)


Just wanted to tell you that I finally got around to cleaning my shower with your new products, Shower Magic and Gentle Scrub. Wow! I can’t believe I was able to get all of the soap scum off of my tiles, grout and glass shower doors, frame included. I truly brought my shower back to show room quality. As you can see from my enclosed order form, I have placed another order. This one for my mother. Thanks for making cleaning my shower easy and effortless.

Orange County

To Ceramic Tile Refinishers,

We just wanted to thank Evan, your partner, for the magnificent job he did. We were sure there was no hope for the grout on our kitchen counters to ever look new again. We even got a price to rip out the entire kitchen counter. Our neighbors told us about your services. Evan came in and in two days restored our dirty grout back to new.


We also want to tell you how much we love your new line of Charlotte Custom Products. You cleaned the soap scum off the bottom of our shower in minutes, something we could not do for years. We have ordered products for our house in Hawaii as well.

Thanks again for your commitment to selling excellent cleaning products, available to all.


Dear Charlotte,

I would like to thank you for bringing my formerly trashed tile back to life, hand cleaning, repairing and re- painting it, and then maintaining it for me!

It has been a year and a half since you initially cleaned it all up for me, and it was like getting a new floor, except better because I didn’t have to go through the expense or the mess of actually getting a new floor!

After a year and a half of hard wear with kids and dogs in the kitchen, it needed a little of your attention, and voila!! Once again it looks better than new.

I would wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone who wants to restore their tile to the fullest extent of its beauty again. Please feel free to use me as a reference. I know for a fact there is no one around who knows more about how to work with tile than you do. Additionally, your products are excellent.

I look forward to calling you in a year or so for my annual maintenance, so that my tile will always look as gorgeous as it does now!

Thank you.
Barbara Kubarych
Del Mar, CA

Dear Charlotte,

I just want to thank you so much for the magnificent job you did detailing all the tile and grout areas through out our home. When I walked into our home after you had been there, every tile area looked like a new installation.

Wow! Is all we could say. I look forward to being able to take care of our tile easy and effortlessly with your excellent cleaning products.

El Cajon

Dear Charlotte,

I had to write and thank you for the magnificent job you did the other day cleaning and detailing our kitchen tile and grout counters back to looking brand new.

I have to admit that not only did I not believe that you could make our counters look new like you said but I also found it hard to believe that you could spend over eight hours methodically cleaning and detailing our tile and grout. All I can say is seeing is believing.

You cleaned every nook, cranny, tile and grout joint. You removed the grout and caulking where needed and then replaced it where needed. You also cleaned the kitchen faucet and were able to remove all of the hard water build up, amazing.

Hiring you was a whole lot less expensive then ripping out our counters, which of course was not an option. Please feel free to use me as a reference any time. I’m looking forward to you doing our master bath next.

Pauma Valley

Dear Charlotte,

I have hated the grout color ( burgundy ) in our guest bathroom since we moved in to our house. To replace the tile would of cost at least $10K. We just want to thank you for the great job you did re-coloring the grout. Your expertise was greatly appreciated on this project. You came in and made me just the right color to match both of the existing tiles. I now love our tile.

Thank God for Grout Colorant and you.
Hidden Meadow

Dear Charlotte,

I just want to thank you so much for the magnificent job you did detailing all the tile and grout in our master shower. Your product Shower Magic is really magic. When I walked into our bathroom after you had cleaned it, I was so amazed. Wow is all I could say. Thanks for the Shower Magic and Gentle Scrub. I look forward to being able to take care of our tile easy and effortlessly with your excellent cleaning products.

Lynette Weins
San Diego

Dear Charlotte,

Thank you for the magnificent job you did refinishing all of the floor tile in our home. I really liked that you worked with us, showing use how we only needed to strip off some of the sealer on the tiles and not all of it. I still can’t believe how great the kitchen looks. I was sure those stains were in the tile and would never come out. But you were right, the stains were in the worn down sealer. Now the kitchen floor looks as great as the rest of the house. I also want to thank you for showing us MAGIC SLIDERS. With those on my furniture and your maintenance instructions , we are sure that our floor will look as good as the day you finished it ,a year from now and for years to come. Can’t wait for you to do our bathroom.

Hidden Meadow Country Club


I just had to write to you and thank you for our beautiful tiles that you stained to colour-match the pillars in the front of our house. We just installed the tiles this past weekend. We had a block party the other day and everyone in the neighborhood had to stop by and say something about the tiles. You would not believe the compliments.

I have enclosed pictures of the before and after installation as well as the name of three other neighbors who are interested in having you stain your Mexican Paver tiles to colour-match their houses. When you said you could match any color you weren’t kidding. I just can’t believe the colour-match you made.

Thank you for the beautiful flower pots you also colour-matched. The front of our house looks awesome. We can’t wait to do the back yard. Please use me as a reference.

Thank you again.
Jan Marie
Yancovich Designer/San Diego

Dear Charlotte,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again. I cant believe the difference that MY Custom Saltillo has made in my home. As you know, saltillo tiles were never my favorite, but now that “Otillio Blue” pavers have been installed, I get so many compliments on my decor. My floor is the perfect component that tied my decorating all together.

If I can ever be a reference for C.S.I., I would love to show off my home!

Yours Truly,
Doug Otillio
San Diego, CA

Dear CSI:

You guys are great! I looked all over the place for a tile that was truly original. I didn’t want what anyone could go to the store and copy. It still amazes me that you matched the color of my sofa to create my color. I am looking forward to the holidays to show off my custom colored pavers to my family.

Jan Peters
Ft. Collins, CO

Dear Charlotte,

I have to let you know that I am impressed with your all surface cleaner and the window cleaner. The all surface cleaner really does a good job and leaves few if any streaks. I used it on the “faux” marble in my bathroom and I can tell you that of all of the products that I have used it left the bathroom sparkling. I also used it all over the kitchen and was impressed because it also left everything clean and sparkling without the residue look you usually get on painted cabinets. It did great removing the grease, etc. on my chrome cooktop also. The shower magic did great on the tile and grout in the shower. I was hoping that it would remove whatever it is that is on the window in the shower and unfortunately it did not. Do you have any additional tips for this problem? The window cleaner is great, as I have already told you.

I have not started on the saltillo tiles yet, but I am looking forward to getting them done sometime in the next few weeks. Please send instructions for the best way to apply the sealer and also the floor polish. Also, how long do I need to wait between getting the old sealer and wax off and putting the new sealer down, how long it will take for the sealer to dry before applying the floor polish. Your products and hints for cleaning have been great. I would also like to try your furniture polish. I look forward to staying in touch and continuing to use your products.

Another Satisfied Customer