Tips for cleaning your shower :
Soap scum in the shower. Yuck! With the multitude of products on the market today, how do you really clean a fiberglass shower and the glass show door to make them look like new? Then, most importantly, how do you keep them looking that way?

Fiberglass showers and their doors love to hold onto the soap scum film. With just a few of the Miracle Cleaning Products, you can keep your shower looking brand new.

Using a nylon brush and/or white scrubby, apply Tile Magic to the walls and door, doing small sections at a time. The Magic is a unique gelt-like product that really works, created to cut through soap scum film and break it down. The white scrubby will not scratch, but is the most appropriate tool to agitate the film.

Start at the top, since that is usually the cleanest area. The accumulation of soap scum starts at shoulder height and as you go down the wall, gradually gets thicker. As the product works its way down the wall, it starts to dissolve that yucky soap scum in its path.The longer the product sits on the film, the better. That’s why Tile Magic is a gel, so it won’t just drip down to the bottom of the shower! The product also works great on removing the film form all the fixture.

The floor is usually the worst as it is where everything sits. It also has small grooves in it (Like your knuckles, when you make a fist). Here the soap forms backing a small bar of soap, filling up the grooves, only now it is gray in color. On this area, I sometimes use a soft brass-tip brush along with the product for the really heavy buildup.

I guarantee theses products will clean your shower like on other. Once the shower is clean. I recommend a fantastic product called “Wash Wax All”. This product , when applied to clean shower walls and glass doors, actually repels soap scum and prevents future buildup. The entire process is well worth the effort. Now your shower stays cleaner, and when you do get around to cleaning it, the process is soon much easier! Try it!!!!

Check out Charlotte’s Products to help you clean and maintain your shower!

Written by Charlotte of Ceramic Tile Refinishers & Charlotte’s Products